Started at the finish

Started at the finishThe match against Nigeria failed simple for your favorite. The French were forced to endure periods without the ball and be afraid of the moments at the gate, but a wise move Deschamps cheerfully allowed to roll on the finish of the meeting, where Our site and all the audience saw the winning balls.Didier Deschamps fielded a 100% guessable combination at the start, but Stephen Keshi's choice of one candidate, surprised, because the output from the first minute of Victor Moses in the presence of Odemwingie, Emenike and Musa served as a significant impetus to this match on the part of Nigerians. They predicted simply play the "second room" and low selection, and the eagles used the scheme in the presence of a rich imagination can be interpreted even as 4-2-4. Of course, in a similar way in the reflection of the digital code build African team looked only at periods of possession, the defense standard was delayed 9 field players, making two lines for the Quartet of performers in each and one "free" party pressure. But the fact of the matter is that Nigeria national team from the first minute marked his claims to the possession and territorial advantage, something from the team Keshi was not expected.Curious functioned attack - while the ball was in "Superglow", a powerful Emenike, often supported by Moseson, located in the center of the attack and waited for the gear that was worth fighting for. When the French seized the initiative, and Nigerians were forced to use counter-attacking option, Emmanuel with his memorable for the jerk defenders and a decent long-range shot departed in the flank, where they received a more operational freedom. Читать полностью -->

Resigned to the inevitable

Resigned to the inevitableWonder Cech to remain at Chelsea, because trying to compete with Courtois в did not work, won the League, but lost time on the bench. Now patience is exhausted, and Our website offers to talk about the wonderful goalkeeper and his limited options.Courtois in Chelsea," not because Cech slowed down, and because of the age в it is logical to focus on a young goalkeeper from two equally strong. And Azar correctly noted, when asked about Peter в if there is a strong team player who was on the bench not because of the shape, then it needs to find himself a new team, after all the wall with the power of thought does not move, it's silly to sit and try. And so it is unclear why Peter left. Perhaps partly because of loyalty to Mourinho and Chelsea, but rather due to problems with the choice of a decent new job. Not so easy to find the right team. Читать полностью -->

The fear in his eyes

The fear in his eyesNo need to be a psychiatrist, closely enough to watch football to understand в Kokorin something happened. Maybe Sasha hardly noticed that. Our site is awaiting the most important game the team offers a discussion about the state forward.Be tougherMentioning the obvious reasons why November Kokorin scores and generally acts, to put it mildly, below their capabilities, immediately I think how to fix it, especially since there is nothing new in the history Kokorina no, passed through similar many forwards. Dynamo didn't change the team, did not take off for a long time because of injury or disqualification, but Rollins is gone, there is no game. It seems that the weaknesses of rivals Alexander learned that he needs to change. Kokorin is useful to look not only at Shatov and his attitude to work, but on such a player as Yarmolenko. Читать полностью -->

Without legends

Without legendsFavorites last alphabet of the group of African Cup of Nations last year they lost their top stars, and although the trains still have a lot of big-name players, Our site sure is easy to Cameroon and the Ivorians at the afcon-2015 will not.Cote d'ivoireThe way to CAEN. Road "Elephants" on KANG resembled the behavior mentioned animal from the famous catch phrase about China shop. Sloppy and noisy crept cГґte d'ivoire in the final part. Starting with a difficult victory over Sierra Leone, the Ivorians immediately came under defeat from Cameroon (Yes, again jokes from the draw!). Then was the away victory over Congo DR and then shocking home defeat against the same team with the score 3:4! Second place in the qualifying Quartet "Elephants" still occupied, but then let's all say eloquent statistics: becoming the highest-scoring team of the final round of qualification (13 goals), cГґte d'ivoire and missed a lot more all those who made it to CAEN (11 times). Very revealing.Coach. Читать полностью -->

Fire Kevin

Fire KevinDe Bruyne is the champion of the Bundesliga, because he surpassed the achievement of MisimoviД‡, giving twenty-one touchdown pass per season. Our site admires the progress of a young Belgian notes and the predatory interest of Bayern.When sporting Director of Wolfsburg Klaus Allofs States that De Bruyne is not for sale, and expresses absolute confidence that in the new season, Kevin will be playing for wolves, 't help but smile, because the Manager is using the sentence refutes your own words. How many times have heard similar, and then there are eminent on the horizon, the buyer and all the doors were opened? In the Bundesliga this buyer is. Let's just remember how "not sold" ze Roberto, Ballack and Lucio from Bayer. As allows not let Pizarro, Borowski and Klose from Bremen. As it later did not sell Neuer from Schalke or Mandzukic from Wolfsburg. Читать полностью -->

Titled person

Titled personHulk took three years to wait for a League title in Russia, but the Brazilian, for which the season is over, extended his contract with "Zenit" and not even stutters on out. Our website reflects on where Givanildo will be your source of motivation to continue.Yellow card in Perm received for talking with the referee, became the 8th for the Hulk in the HRC, which means the early end of the championship for the forward в the last tour he will miss due to suspension. A week ago the Brazilian first time in three years in Russia won the title, he became the champion of the country, scoring in the gold match with the "Ufa" from a free-kick. No less important event happened in February, when the Hulk has extended his contract with Zenit until 2019-the year, and called the decision an easy one. We were so naГЇve, I thought that Givanildo uses our League as a springboard. Play a couple of years, will score fifty goals, to earn a small island in the Caribbean sea and go to the top of the championship to confirm their sporting ambitions. Читать полностью -->

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